‘Kaka is still alive…’ Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel shouted while meeting the youth, talking about making Chhattisgarh the new dream of the youth…

Neha Kesarwani, Raipur. Kaka is still alive… With this announcement, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel started the meet-and-greet program with the youth of the capital’s indoor stadium. While interacting with thousands of youths who have reached from five districts of Raipur division, the Chief Minister is taking their feedback to create new Chhattisgarh of their dreams.

Interacting with school students, members of Mitan Club and youth preparing for competitive exams, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that every youth has a dream, we also have a dream. Chhattisgarh has to move forward by discussing with all of you. The name of Chhattisgarh has to be increased in the whole country. After this brief address, the question-answer session started with the Chief Minister.

Dentists will remain in rural areas for 2 years

On the demand of the students of Dental College, Chief Minister Baghel made a big announcement to post dentists in rural areas for two years. Along with this, on the demand of student Samriddhi Shukla, it was said that there will be regular appointments of physiotherapists in health centres. Samridhi Shukla, a student doing internship, said that there is no hostel facility in our college. The Chief Minister agreed to make arrangements for the hostel.

Demand for transparency in PSC

Hostels will be built for students in government colleges. Physiotherapists will be recruited on regular posts in District Hospital, CHC, PHC, MPT will discuss with the center regarding postgraduate course. Pranav Kumar, a student preparing for PSC, talked about releasing the mark sheet of preliminary examination and taking appropriate measures for transparency. The Chief Minister assured to implement it.

Big announcement of CM – next vacancy for Chhattisgarh language

Anjani Chandravanshi is doing post graduation in Chhattisgarhi subject. He demanded recruitment for the teacher of Chhattisgarhi language. The Chief Minister agreed to this. The student said that since 2013, MA is being held in Chhattisgarhi, 1500 students have passed out, but have not got employment, remove the vacancy. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced that the next vacancy will be for Chhattisgarhi language.

CM told the challenges faced during studies

Bhujesh Kumar of Dhamtari asked the Chief Minister about the problems faced by him in his studies. The Chief Minister explained in detail about the challenges faced during his studies. The Chief Minister said that in his childhood he used to see the problems of roads, electricity and drains in his village, and he used to think that only the MLA solves this problem. It also came to my mind that one day I will also become an MLA.

For Bundi, on August 15, January 26, leaders used to face the speeches

Telling the story of his struggle, Chief Minister Bhupesh said that I used to go to school by crossing 5 kilometers away from my village where there was no bridge, road and there was a drain, a bharkha (water filled pit) in the middle. Legislators used to come to the school on 26th January and 15th August, used to tolerate their speech, so that they could get boondi in the end, used to tolerate speech for boondi prasad. When I used to see everything, I used to think, I will also become an MLA, I will get the road built. At that time, he used to study in science college, used to do farming in the village, used to solve the problems of the villagers, started reading biographies of big leaders, ideology changed.

Called upon the youth to enter politics

Engineering student Shagun Srivastava asked the Chief Minister what efforts your government is making to bring youth into politics. CM Baghel replied that the youth must enter politics. When I was the President of the Congress Committee, Vikas Upadhyay brought Ejaz Dhebhar in the Youth Congress, who is today an MLA, mayor. Devendra Yadav was the youngest mayor, now he is an MLA. I call upon you people to come forward. Contest the panchayat urban body elections, then there will be many big opportunities ahead.

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