Kamal Nath said – caste census will be done as soon as the government is formed, the society has kept these 6 demands including 50% ticket

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh Backward Classes Joint Sangharsh Morcha conference was organized today in the capital Bhopal. In which Apex has placed a 6-point demand for 50% assembly tickets for the OBC society in front of Kamal Nath. Vivek Tankha said in the address that from 93-94 to 2004 we gave 27% reservation to OBCs. Meetings have stopped after the BJP government came. In the 80s, the Mahajan Commission identified OBCs in MP, on the same basis MP elections were held by giving reservation, but our government did not explain this to the court. The government does not fight for OBCs.

Former CM Kamal Nath said that he was happy to come in the midst of all different societies. I get strength and power from your invitation. 27 percent of the cases went to the court, then who was the person’s lawyer in that case. The person who went to court against this whole matter is the Advocate General of BJP. He got the post as soon as the BJP government was formed. Why don’t they get caste census done? I can confidently say that the backward classes are 55 percent. Why are they afraid of caste census?

Caste census will be conducted as soon as the government is formed

Making a big announcement, Kamal Nath said that we will get caste census done as soon as our government is formed. They don’t have the intention to do all this. I had decided that I would make a law. No one had to follow me. I want to assure that Kamal Nath will do justice to you. Today unemployment is in front of everyone. The main objective should be to increase economic activity. I used to say leave GDP, I asked Manmohan Singh ji to tell its index. We waived off the loans of the farmers. During our tenure no one had to wander for seed fertilizer.

raised questions on officials

Kamal Nath again raised questions on the work of the officials. The officer became IAS for 15 years, he had only seen BJP. The challenge for me was to change their attitude. Our ruling party should not sleep. until it doesn’t work. If this is not happening, then we do not need such an officer. When there was heavy rain in Neemuch, I went to survey. I came in the evening and called a meeting of the officers and asked them to hand over the compensation within a week. But the officer said it will take time. First the Tehsildar will conduct the survey. I clearly said that I have come after doing the survey, that is not enough. Give compensation or else I will lock your room.

This election is for the future of Madhya Pradesh. Seeing the picture of the state, you people should support the truth. Such an election will never happen again. What is happening in Manipur today. You have to understand Manipur seriously. How did tribals and non-tribals fight? They have made outsourcing fashionable. Everywhere should not be outsourced. I would have made some rules but now I am remembering everything.

These are the 6 main demands of Apex

  • 27% reservation to OBC should be included in the manifesto by resolving the issue of 27% reservation from the Supreme Court and the High Court.
  • To include OBC reservation in the 9th schedule in the manifesto of political parties in the upcoming elections.
  • To include SC ST OBC in the manifesto of caste census political parties.
  • Inclusion of reservation of SC ST OBC in private institutions in the manifestos.
  • Inclusion of OBCs in the manifesto for providing benefits like SCST in facilities such as business allocation etc.
  • To ensure 50 percent OBCs in the upcoming assembly elections.

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