Karan Patel Announced His Marriage In 3 Days After Broke Up With Kamya Panjabi

Kamya Punjabi-Karan Patel Breakup: Karan Patel and Kamya Panjabi were one of the most popular couples of TV. Everyone liked this pair very much, but who knew that the relationship of this pair would break at a very bad turn. The fans were waiting for the marriage of Kamya and Karan but this could not happen and Karan married actress Ankita Bhargava. The biggest shock for the fans was when Karan announced his marriage to Ankita just 3 days after his breakup with Kamya. Today let us tell you about the breakup story of Karan and Kamya,

Karan Patel married Ankita Bhargava in 2015 but his breakup with Kamya always remained in the limelight. If reports are to be believed, Karan was dating someone else along with Kamya, about which the actress came to know, after which she made many allegations against Karan.

Was dating Pratyusha Banerjee
According to the news of Bollywood marriage, Karan was also dating Pratyusha Banerjee along with Kamya Punjabi. When Kamya came to know about this, she asked Karan about it but he refused. Kamya also spoke to Pratyusha. After which Pratyusha had sided between the two. Kamya had given many chances to Karan but he did not improve.

The marriage was announced three days after the breakup
If reports are to be believed, there used to be a constant fight between Karan and Kamya. Kamya was upset with Karan’s casanova image and she was repeatedly giving him chances, but the limit was reached when even after making so many promises, Karan was cheating on her. After which Kamya had a breakup with Karan. Karan had announced his marriage to Ankita only three days after the breakup with Kamya.

After the breakup with Kamya, Karan had announced in the newspaper that he is marrying Ankita Bhargava. When Kamya asked Karan why Ankita, he said that you only said it.

Please tell that after some time after the breakup with Karan, Kamya had also moved ahead in her life. He married Shalabh Dang for the second time in 2020.

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