Karni Sena to Contest on 80 Assembly Seats in MP Election 2023

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh Election 2023: The Karni Sena will field its candidates on 80 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh. This was announced by Karni Sena’s chief, Jeevan Singh Sherpur, during a media interaction on Wednesday.

Previous Protest by Karni Sena in Bhopal

It’s worth mentioning that Karni Sena had staged a demonstration in Bhopal’s Jamburi Maidan on January 8, demanding approximately 22 demands, including economic reservations. The BJP had accepted 18 out of those 22 demands but failed to fulfill any of them completely, which led to a rift between them and the Karni Sena.

Conditions Related to Demands

Jeevan Singh Sherpur stated that if Congress includes the 18 demands that the BJP had acknowledged but not acted upon in its election manifesto, Karni Sena would align with Congress and contest the elections, aiming for a change in power. However, if Congress does not include their demands in their manifesto, Karni Sena will oppose Congress as well.

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