Kartik Aaryan Traveled In IndiGo Economy Class Netizens Trolled Him Said New Trend To Promote Film | Karthik Aryan traveled in economy class and got trolled, people said

Kartik Aaryan Traveled In Economy Class: Karthik Aryan and Kiara Advani’s film ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’ is going to release on June 29. Before this, Karthik and Kiara are busy promoting the film. Meanwhile, Kartik was seen traveling in the economy class of Indigo, for which he got trolled. Actually netizens are calling it a way to promote Karthik’s upcoming film.

Karthik Aryan traveled in economy class
In the film industry, stars often become victims of trolling for one reason or the other. In this episode, now Karthik Aryan has also come under the trolls’ target. Karthik Aryan was seen traveling in the flight in economy class, whose video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Users have called it a publicity stunt of the actor.

Users told the new trend of promoting the film
Karthik Aryan was seen looking for his seat in the economy class of Indigo flight. During this he was wearing a light blue shirt. This video of him is becoming very viral on social media and people are giving their reactions fiercely on it. One user wrote- ‘This is a new trend to promote the film.’

Another person commented- ‘The new film is about to be released probably.’ Apart from this, another person wrote- ‘This is the way left now of movie promotion…’

Users came in support of Karthik
While some netizens trolled Karthik, some users also appeared in his support. One person wrote- ‘He is a down to earth person… Once even in the year 2022, Karthik was in the same flight with my friend and Karthik was talking to all the passengers.’

Apart from this, another person wrote- ‘There is no business class in this flight, otherwise celebrities are forced many times, we are the ones who start judging it as publicity.’

Can ‘Satya Prem Ki Katha’ get entangled in controversies?
Let us tell you that a protest has started regarding a song in Karthik and Kiara’s film ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’, which may have to bear the brunt of the film. Actually, the popular Pakistani song ‘Pasuri’ is being remade in the film, which is going to be sung by singer Arijit Singh. Fans are angry about the remake of the song because for the last several years, there is more remake in Bollywood than the original.

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