Katha Ankahee 21 June Spoiler Alert Viaan And Katha Comes Closer Son Aarav Would Not Appreciate The Relationship Is It

Katha Ankahee 21 June Upcoming Episode: The show Katha Ankahi is performing well in terms of TRPs. The pair of Katha and Viaan is getting a lot of love in the show. In such a situation, it seems from the closeness of Katha and Viaan that soon both will express their love for each other. But son Aarav, will he be able to accept this relationship?

A promo of the show has come out in which it is shown that Katha and Viaan are spending time with each other. Katha and Viaan are seen painting glass in the promo and a very romantic song is playing in the background, in which it is being said that you have brought happiness in my life. In such a situation, colors have come in the dry life of both and both are filling, but will son Aarav like this painting made of the colors of their love?

Aarav will hate Viaan, what will Katha do?
Actually, it is further shown in this promo that Katha, who is giving more time to her work, is not able to give time to her son at this time. There have been times when Katha was not present with her son when Aarav needed him the most. The setup of a night date is seen in the promo, in which glasses of wine are lying on the dinner table and there are lights all around. Vian appears on the table in a black suit. There is no story, but Katha’s phone is on the table. The phone rings which belongs to his son. Viaan picks up the phone when Aarav’s name appears on the screen. When Aarav hears Viaan’s voice, his expression changes, which clearly shows that Aarav did not feel well. In the coming days, Aarav will also be seen hating Vian.

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