Katha Ankahee Fans Awe Via Momentan Misunderstood Tried To Hug Katha Users Reacted On The Show Scene

Unexpected Situation Between Katha and Viaan: The show Katha Ankahi is the favorite scene of the audience. In this show, viewers like to see Dil Se Katha and Viaan together. Katha Viaan’s love story has started, both are unable to avoid each other even after wanting each other. Because both have started getting love vibes from each other. In such a situation, the makers shot such a perfect scene between these two that the fans of this show liked it very much.

Awkward situation in the car between Viaan and Katha
A promo of the show surfaced in which Viaan drops Katha home. Now Katha bids farewell to Vian and tells her to meet tomorrow in the office. Viaan answers in the affirmative. After this, Katha extends her hand in the car in an attempt to take out her belongings kept on the back seat, while Viaan feels that Katha is coming forward to hug her. This scene was shown in the show Badi Perfectly. After which there was an awkward situation between Viaan and Katha.

By the time Viaan extended his hands to embrace Katha, Katha had started taking out luggage from the back seat by going between the two front seats. But Katha noticed this and she was seen laughing from behind the seat. At the same time, it became a very difficult situation for Viaan, in which he was seen laughing at himself.

Fans said after seeing the scene – Oh my God

Fans are mesmerized after watching this scene. During this, some fans were seen saying that they are watching this scene on repeat mode. So someone said – it has been shown in a very wonderful way. One said – So cute, I can watch it all day long.

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