Katha Ankahee Spoiler Alert Katha Viaan Life Villain Enters In The Show This Girl Wants The Love Birds To Be Separated

Katha Ankahee Big Twist 1 July: In the show Katha Ankahi, fans are very happy with the increasing closeness between Katha and Viaan. But now this happiness is about to be seen, because the entry of the villain is happening in the show. Who is this girl who is coming to surround Viaan in her love. Will Vian fall prey to this fraud, or will Katha’s love draw him towards her?

Will the distance increase in Katha Viaan?

In the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be shown that a girl named Vanya will have a new joining in Viaan’s office. She will appear over-passionate about her work. In such a situation, she will be ready to do anything to reach the top. Now in such a situation, people who hate Katha and Vian will try to hunt Vian by keeping a gun on the shoulder of this girl.

New promo has come out

A new promo has come out from the show, in which the story looks very upset. Katha will say in the episode that there is a new joining – Vanya. She is good at her work, she is also respectful. But very desperately she is trying to get closer to Vian sir. On this Katha is asked whether he is getting jealous. Katha denies this, but keeps thinking about it for some time.

When will Katha finally realize that she is in love with Viaan? It is taking time to understand Vian too. Will Vanya not get the benefit of this? Who is the person who wants to destroy Viaan Raghuvanshi? The answers to these many questions are hidden in the show, knowing the answers of which will be very interesting.

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