Katha Ankahee Spoiler Alert Viaan Is In Danger Katha Alert Him Vanya Has A Connection With Raghuvanshis

Katha Ankahee Latest Update: In the show Katha Ankahi, Katha is very worried about Viaan. She tries to tell Vian that Vanya is desperately after him. But she misses on every occasion. Who is Vanya? Does Viaan Raghuvanshi have any past relation with Vanya?

Katha trying to save Viaan

In Katha Ankahi, it will be shown that Katha will come to Viaan’s cabin and will say that he should get CCTV cameras installed in his cabin. Vian will not understand. In such a situation he will ask Katha if there is anything that he should know and he does not know? On this Katha will not be able to tell the truth completely to Vian but she will just say that you should get at least two CCTVs installed in your cabin. What happened after all that Katha had to point this out to Viaan?

Will Viaan and Katha’s love story move forward? or vanya will interrupt

Now Vanya is trying to increase his closeness with Vian. But Viaan is unable to understand. To make the new joining comfortable, Viaan is seen calling her to his cabin and asking for her favorite food. In such a situation, Vanya is seen talking about her father again and again. In such a situation, it is an indication that Vanya is mentioning her father for some reason only.

Let me tell you, even before this, Katha got strange vibes after seeing Vanya. Katha had also shared about this with her bestie. At the same time, the story was teased in a mischievous manner as to why you are feeling jealous. While Katha was getting a glimpse of the coming storm.

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