Khaki’s handiwork: Police took out their car in the flood, beat up the bike riders, pushed them down

Mosim Tadvi, Burhanpur. Due to the rains in Madhya Pradesh, the river drains are in spate. Even after there is water over the bridge, people are not deterring from crossing the drain. Along with the people, the policemen also took the risk of taking their vehicle out of the flowing water over the bridge. At the same time, the police personnel deployed in the security thrashed the bike riders. Not only this, the bike rider was pushed and dropped on the ground. This act of the police has been caught on camera.

According to the information, after the heavy rains in Burhanpur, there was a flood in the drain of the Joint Collectorate Office. Madhya Pradesh’s contact with Maharashtra has been cut off due to flooding in the drain. The police kept stopping the people for not crossing the culvert in the flood, but the police themselves kept roaming from here to there with 100 handrads in the flood water. At the same time, the police assaulted a person who had brought a bike from the flood waters and pushed him to the ground. Due to water flowing over the culvert, there was a long jam on both sides of the road. Traffic is closed from both sides. There has been a demand for increasing the height of the culvert for a long time. Till now the height of the culvert has not been increased due to which Madhya Pradesh’s contact with Maharashtra gets cut off during light rains.

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