Khandwa News: Flood-like situation in more than half a dozen villages, people extended their helping hand

Imran Khan, Khandwa. The rains have caused havoc in many parts of Khandwa district. Somewhere the river drain is in spate, due to which it is becoming a cause of trouble for the people. Somewhere water entered the kutcha houses of the people and somewhere people’s grains got spoiled due to water. Heavy rains have created hue and cry in Punasa area. After the spate of Ajnal river on Wednesday, flood-like situation has occurred in dozens of villages adjacent to the river. Hundreds of cattle and vehicles were washed away in Gurjarkhedi, Aavliyan, Richphal, Kaliakhedi, Navalgaon. The kutcha houses of many people also collapsed. Now to help such people, the social workers of the city extended their hand and helped the affected families by distributing utensils, clothes and tarpaulins as help.

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Let us inform that, after the rain on Wednesday in Punasa of Khandwa, the Ajnal river suddenly came in spate here late at night. After which there was a flood-like situation in more than half a dozen villages around the river. People’s houses were destroyed, kutcha houses were piled up there. The district administration is doing survey work here at its own level, but seeing the broken houses of the villagers, the social workers of the city also came forward to help.

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Amitabh Mandloi of Mandloi Foundation along with his team visited the village in Bada Tanda village today and distributed clothes, utensils and tarpaulin to help the villagers. So that those whose houses have been damaged by rain and river water can get some relief. Amitabh Mandloi said that we demand the government to help the victims immediately because this is the time for the relief amount, if the relief amount is received on time, then the victims will be helped to rebuild their homes.

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