Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 Nyrraa Banerji Tiff With Host Rohit Shetty Argues About A Task Rule

Khatron Ke Khiladi 13: In Sunday’s episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi, it was shown that actress Naira Banerjee has a red noose. Naira had to perform every task until the red noose was lifted. At the beginning of the episode of the show, Archana Gautam, Naira Banerjee and Sheejan Khan were to perform in the first task. Naira loses in this task and the red noose remains with her.

During this, Rohit Shetty tells Naira that she did not take this task seriously and gave up easily. Rohit Shetty says- If you do not take the task seriously and have the same attitude then you will reach the elimination task and then back to India.

After this there is another task and in this task Naira is accompanied by Anjum Fake and Anjali Anand. In this task, he had to perform with zebra, hyena and cheetah.

Naira argues with Rohit Shetty

Two keys were tied to the zebra’s leg in the zebra’s cage and the contestant had to remove both the keys and try to open the lock. Naira just takes out a key and opens the lock. On this, Rohit reminds them that they have to take out the second key as well, then Naira says that but why has it opened? On this Rohit says that the timer is on, if you keep arguing like this, then I will increase 5 minutes as a penalty. After this Naira apologizes. And Rohit says follow the rules and don’t argue with me. Now focus on the task.

After this Naira does the task and she wins the task. Anjali loses in this task and gets a red noose.

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