Kishan, the first tiger of Nauradehi Sanctuary, died, was injured in a conflict with an outside tiger, created a stir

Dinesh Sharma, Sagar. Tiger N-2 i.e. Kishan, who populated Nauradehi Sanctuary with tigers in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, died today. A year and a half ago, a few days before the tiger N-3 came from Panna, there was an encounter with N-2 i.e. Kishan in Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary. In which Kishan had a deep injury near the eye. After which a team of forest staff and doctors were engaged in monitoring. However, the doctors had also given instructions regarding the wound of N-2 that if the wound is not treated soon, the condition may worsen and he died today.

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Although the team from Panna Tiger Reserve was treating him. He was injected with a tranquilizer gun on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. After being injected, the tiger went into the water filled in the puddle after being treated in an injured state. He was undergoing treatment under the supervision of Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, an expert from Panna Tiger Reserve.

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Tiger N-3 is also injured. There was a conflict between the two over territory. Tiger N-3 is in the wild only. Nauradehi Sanctuary forest staff found tiger N-2 in dead condition during patrolling. All the officers reached the spot. After which the postmortem was done and the last rites were performed. At present, his death will be confirmed only after the PM report comes. There has been a stir in the forest department after the death of the tiger.

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