Krushna Abhishek Reacted To See Monkey Remembers Bigg Boss Ex Contestant Puneet Superstar

Krushna Abhishek Comment On Puneet Superstar: Puneet Superstar was invited as a contestant in Bigg Boss house. But he was expelled from the house on the very first day for his bad behaviour. In such a situation, Puneet was seen speaking a lot against Bigg Boss on social media. Earlier, as long as they stayed inside the house, they used to create noise in every corner of the Bigg Boss house, seeing which the rest of the housemates were stunned.

What did the comedian Krishna of The Kapil Sharma Show say?

Now when Krishna Abhishek left the house for his shoot, he got paps on the way. When Krishna was posing, a monkey jumped in the middle. Krishna suddenly became a casualty and said oh where did he come from. Krishna said during this time – it is good that he is a monkey, he should not be a panther. Only then the monkey was seen sitting on the roof of the vanity van, seeing which Krishna came out of Abhishek’s mouth – isn’t this Puneet superstar?

Let me tell you, in the show, Puneet Superstar had troubled all the contestants so much that everyone demanded Bigg Boss to evict him from the house. In such a situation, Bigg Boss made all the contestants sit at one place and said that one by one everyone had been given a chance to speak. After consensus, it was decided that Puneet should be evicted from the house.

Why was Puneet Superstar irritated?

When Puneet Superstar came in front of Salman Khan in the show, at that time he had said that money does not matter to him, he distributes half of what he earns from YouTube among the poor. In such a situation, Salman appreciated this thing. After this, he got 1 lakh 50 thousand currency in the public meter to go inside Bigg Boss. But the judge sitting in the panel brought him to the bottom and sent him inside the house with 10,000 currency. Puneet’s mood was spoiled by this thing.

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