Krushna Abhishek Wants To Reconcile With His Maternal Uncle Govinda Wished Bhagwan Kare Jhagda End Hojaye

Krishna Abhishek on Govinda: A family dispute has been going on between actor and comedian Krishna Abhishek and his maternal uncle Govinda for a long time. Krishna accused Govinda of suddenly breaking all ties with him and even not coming to meet him at the time of the birth of his children, while Govinda, on the other hand, claimed that all such allegations were baseless and false. Later both the families stopped talking to each other. Although Krishna now wants to reconcile with his maternal uncle Govinda and also wants to end the ongoing cold war between them.

Krishna Abhishek wants to end the fight with maternal uncle Govinda
In a recent social media interaction, Krushna Abhishek shared one of his dance reels and revealed how it was his maternal uncle who has always been his inspiration in this field. He also confessed that he has learned many things from Govinda. Krishna said, “I wanted to tag him whether he reacts or not. May God stop the quarrel. Time is passing, I want all this to be resolved now. I love them. No one in the family would respect him as much as I do.

Krishna described his maternal aunt Sunita Ahuja as his mother’s image
Krishna Abhishek also talked about Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja. Describing her as a motherly image for him, he said that he wanted to mend things with her, like any son would. Krishna said, “Where there is love, there is a fight. Enough is enough, this should end now. I love my mother. He has done a lot for me. She is like a mother to me. When the mother finds something bad about the child, then she becomes so angry that then the person thinks that I do not want to meet him at all. So, I guess there is a reason why you are so angry.”

Krishna remembers his last meeting with Mama Govinda
Krishna also remembered his last meeting with his maternal uncle Govinda. He told that about five years ago both of them met in a mall in Dubai. Describing it as a completely filmy moment, Krishna recalled how she shouted Govinda’s name across the mall and he immediately recognized her voice and they had an emotional meeting.

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