Kundali Bhagya Fame Actress Akanksha Juneja Cheated Of Rs 30 Thousand For Ordering Food Online | Cheating with actress Akanksha Juneja for ordering food online

Akanksha Juneja Cheated: Not only the general public but many celebs have also become victims of cybercrime. The latest case is related to actress Akanksha Juneja. These days she is seen playing the character of Nidhi in the TV serial ‘Kundali Bhagya’. In fact, the actress has revealed that she has been cheated of Rs 30,000 for ordering food online.

Akanksha cheated on ordering food

Talking to Etimes, Akanksha said, “Recently when I ordered food from outside, I got a call from a company number. In which the caller asked me to click on the link sent to my number to confirm the order. When I asked him why so, he said that this is a new protocol and as soon as I clicked on the link, 10,000 rupees started getting deducted from my account every five minutes. ,

Account blocked after fraud

The actress further said, “I was just wondering what is happening and why. Then I remembered that link and immediately called my bank. I got my account blocked. But then I had lost Rs 30,000. It hurts when hard-earned money goes like this…”

The actress gave this advice to the people

During this, warning people, Akanksha said, “People should be very careful of online scams happening these days. The fraudster hacked my phone with the link which was sent to me. So never click on the link sent by any unknown person because nowadays fraudsters have become so smart that they can easily fool you..”

Please tell that Akanksha has worked in TV shows like ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, ‘Hamari Beti Raj Karegi’.

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