Lalluram Impact: The administration woke up after the news was published, the electric pole in the middle of the road was immediately removed, accidents were happening continuously due to negligence

Ajay Suryavanshi, Jashpur. The news of has had a big impact. In Mahuatoli village of Jashpur district, the electricity department’s pole was buried in the middle of the road, due to which people were falling victim to the accident. The villagers were demanding the removal of this pillar for a long time, which was not being paid attention to by the Electricity Department. The news of this big negligence was prominently published by Which has an immediate effect. Collector Dr. Ravi Mittal took immediate cognizance of this and before evening, the team of the Electricity Department removed the electric pole in the middle of the road.

Let us tell you that due to this pillar obstructing the movement of vehicles on the road, accidents of vehicles were also happening on the coming days. Due to this the problems of the people were increasing. Sarcasm was being made on the engineer of the Public Works Department regarding this electric pole in the middle of the road. Due to the negligence of the officials of the Public Works Department, the district administration is being criticized a lot in the social media. During the construction of the road of Mahuatoli-Turi road, the Public Works Department had completed the asphalt work without removing this electric pole. All the senior officers remained silent in the matter of measurement and evaluation of the work done by the officials of the department sitting at home.

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