Leaving food and water, the contract workers sitting on hunger strike, adamant on the promise of regularization, said- the demand is something else and the announcement has been made something else…

Raipur. A 27 percent increase in the salary of contract employees was announced by the Bhupesh government on Wednesday. Regarding this, the contract employees have said that this is what they get in the process. The government stopped it for four years. We were to meet this in 2021. 3 contract workers have been on hunger strike for more than 24 hours leaving food and water. They are appealing to establish a dialogue regarding regularization as promised by the government. But till now no positive initiative has been taken by the government.

State President of Chhattisgarh All Departmental Contract Employees Federation Kaushalesh Tiwari said that the government has increased the salary of contract employees of the state by 27 percent. Whereas in reality it was to be 48 percent. A large number of contractual employees will be deprived of the benefits of this announcement. He said that the salary hike was also to happen in the year 2021. Which has happened now. It means that no benefit of any kind has been provided to the contractual employees so far.

The contract employees of the state are on an indefinite agitation from July 03, 2023. In the public manifesto of the year 2018, the government had promised regularization of contract workers and not retrenchment. Which has not been completed till date. The basic facilities compulsorily provided to the contract employees of the state like permanentisation, (job security till the age of 62 years), seniority salary, gratuity, promotion, promotion, social security, compassionate appointment and old age support, pension, leave, etc. are not being provided till date.

In such a situation, it appears from the announcement of salary hike by the Government of Chhattisgarh that no communication was established by the government with the contractual employees involved in the agitation. The demands are something else and the announcement is being made something else. The Chhattisgarh All Departmental Contract Employees Federation appeals to the government to establish a dialogue with the agitating contract employees and try to find a real solution to their real demands. Due to which the promise made in the public manifesto of Chhattisgarh government can be seen to be fulfilled.

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