Life of women changed with paver block

Feature Story. The fate of Gothan women of Chhattisgarh is changing. Women have become independent. The schemes of Bhupesh government are showering money. In other words, women’s bags are now overflowing with the winds of development. Due to hard work, women are writing new articles everyday. The story is of Balodabazar-Bhatapara, where the life of women changed from paver blocks. Signs of prosperity are being seen in the Rural Industry Park. Women power has written the story of success under hard work.

Story of women power in Rural Industry Park

In fact, Rural Industry Park has been set up in Gothan of Balodabazar-Bhatapara, from where women are writing new articles daily. For the first time in the district, women are making paver blocks. It is becoming difficult to meet the demand. In village Gudelia alone, Nari Shakti Gram Sangathan has received an advance order of 2 lakh square feet.

Women are writing new articles of success

Let us tell you that many women who are busy in domestic work are writing new stories of success. Among them are the women of Gudelia village of Bhatapara development block of Balodabazar Bhatapara district and Girra village of Palari development block, who are making their way strong by making paver blocks. In this way, for the first time in the district, women are doing the work of making paver blocks.

Construction of total 22 trolley 16500 square feet paver block

Santoshi Dhruv, a member of the village organization group, told that a total of 22 trolley 16500 square feet paver blocks have been manufactured and supplied from the said unit, which started about 1 month ago. Paver blocks are mostly being demanded by the surrounding gram panchayats, which includes village Dhaneli, Khaparadih, Lewai, Kadar and Bharatpur. Along with this, paver blocks are also being demanded by private individuals. So far our organization has received an advance order of 2 lakh square feet, the sale rate of which is Rs 52 lakh.

Rate fixed at Rs 26 for one square feet

The members of Nari Shakti Gram Sangathan will get a net dividend of about Rs.12 lakhs. He further said that a rate of Rs 26 has been fixed for one square feet, in which about Rs 20 is spent and Rs 6 is saved. There are 2 types of paver blocks being made here, which include cosmic and zigzag type.

Adequate wages plus dividend amount

Cosmic makes 555 feet in 1000 pieces and Zigzag paver blocks of 357 feet in 1000 pieces. Seema Dhruv says that after starting the unit, we are getting employment and adequate wages as well as sufficient dividend amount at the local level itself.

Inspiration for making paver blocks

Our group got the inspiration to make paver blocks through Bihaan Yojana of Panchayat Department. He was also given training for this under the National Rural Livelihood Mission. After this we started manufacturing paver blocks.

Sharing her hand in economic activities

Similarly, Manju Dhruv, another member of the group, says that all the members of the women’s group are very happy with the operation of Ripa. Along with meeting her needs by getting additional income, she is also helping in the economic activities of the family. They no longer need to go out in search of work. Similarly, the work of making paver blocks has been started by Jai Chandi Maa Mahila Self Help Group of village Girra. 25 thousand pieces of paver blocks have been prepared in the said unit.

Wonder of Narva, Garuva, Ghuruva and Bari scheme

It is noteworthy that the village and women are now getting a new identity through the Gauthan built in the village under the ambitious Narva, Garuva, Ghuruva and Bari scheme of the state government. The concept of setting up Rural Industrial Park (RIPA) established in Gauthan is not only being realized now, but its positive results are also being received. Various manufacturing units have been established under RIPA with the help of District Mineral Trust.

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