Lover turns out to be a traitor: love blossoms in the friendship of social media, raping a girl on the pretext of marriage, this is the whole story of cruelty in the guise of love…

Ajay Suryavanshi, Jashpur. In a village of Pathalgaon police station area, a girl was physically abused for 3 years on the pretext of marriage. On the other hand, when the victim talked about marriage, the young man turned away from his words. After which, on the complaint of the victim and her family members, the police arrested the rapist.

Let us tell you that the friendship between the young man and the girl happened through social media. After which both of them started talking. The conversation turned into love. When the closeness between the two increased, the accused took her to his house and had a physical relationship on the pretext of marriage. Not only this, for 3 years continuously, the rascal quenched his lust by talking about marriage.

On the other hand, whenever the victim asked him to get married, he used to beat her by abusing her. However, the police arrested the accused on the complaint of the victim. Further action is being taken after registering the case.

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