Lumpy virus strikes again in MP: Dozens of cattle affected in Narsinghpur, administration did not take any step

Deepak Kaurav, Narsinghpur. Lumpy virus has knocked in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. A large number of cattle in Kareli town and surrounding rural areas of the district are suffering from lumpy virus. But neither the district administration nor the veterinary department is taking any step for their treatment. Due to which farmers and milk producers are worried.

Cattle in Kareli town and surrounding rural areas of the district are affected by the virus. Dozens of cattle have also died in the region due to the virus. Now a large number of cows are also coming in its grip. Pictures of cows infected with the virus by some people have started going viral on social media. It is being told that the outbreak of the virus is spreading rapidly in Kareli city and its adjoining rural areas and dozens of cattle are in its grip.

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Experts believe that Lumpy virus has affected cattle in urban and rural areas. No effective steps are being taken for treatment after the administration came to know about it. In urban and rural areas, no effective steps are being taken by the administration for the past one month for the cattle affected by the virus. In such a situation, the concern of milk products has increased. Even before this, cases of lumpy virus have come to the fore in the state. Now farmers and milk products administration have demanded proper treatment arrangements.

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