Mahesh Bhatt Is Proud Of Daughter Alia Bhatt Hollywood Debut Film Heart Of Stone Reveals The Reason Behind The Actress Choosing Path Gal Gadot Jamie Dornan

Mahesh Bhatt On Alia Bhatt First Hollywood Film: Mahesh Bhatt, known for his best films, shares a special bond with his daughter Alia Bhatt. He is often seen spending time with his daughters. Recently, the trailer of Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood debut film ‘Heart of Stone’ has been released. In which she is seen playing the lead role alongside Gal Galot and Jamie Dornan. At the same time, father Mahesh Bhatt’s reaction has also come on Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood debut. He also told the reason for the actress taking the path of Hollywood.

Mahesh Bhatt is proud of his daughter
In an interview to E-Times, Mahesh Bhatt said about daughter Alia’s Hollywood debut, ‘My heart fills with pride when I see her standing alongside great international actors like Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.’ Mahesh Bhatt further added, ‘Standing there without getting swayed by the idea that this is Hollywood, today’s youth don’t feel insignificant or inferior in any way when it comes to international talent.’

Why did Alia Bhatt choose the Hollywood path?
When Mahesh Bhatt asked Alia the reason for going to Hollywood and said why not Bollywood and why Hollywood? So the Gangubai actress told the reason for this was money. Mahesh Bhatt said that Alia’s answer was ‘money’. Mahesh Bhatt revealed that Alia Bhatt told with full confidence that ‘money’ is something that Hollywood has. Aaliya also told that she has a way of working and she is very professional and she also has a lot of money, otherwise we do not lack anything. After hearing this answer from his daughter, Mahesh Bhatt said, “I think self-confidence is very important for the country.”

While talking about Alia’s upcoming Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’, the trailer of this film of the actress has been released on Netflix’s Tudum Festival on June 18. In this film, Alia is seen playing a negative role while Jamie Dornan and Gal Galot are playing the role of a detective.

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