Major action of Gwalior Police Administration: FIR against three policemen, here two guards suspended in Central Jail break case

Bhupendra Bhadoria, Gwalior. In Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, an FIR has been lodged against three policemen who assaulted a lawyer and a businessman, while in another case, two guards have been suspended by the jail administration for jail break.

FIR registered against three policemen who assaulted lawyer and businessman
On the orders of the court, an FIR has been registered against three policemen who assaulted a lawyer and a businessman. A case has been registered against the then sub-inspectors Jai Kishore Rajoria, Neeraj Sharma and Brijesh under sections of assault. The case is of Janak Ganj police station area. The court has given instructions to register a case against the policemen on the complaint of the victim Ashish Jain.

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In fact, the case is of December 2022, when sub-inspector Jai Kishore Rajoria parked the car in front of the victim shopkeeper Ashish Jain’s shop. The victim shopkeeper Ashish Jain had asked to remove the vehicle, in a fit of anger the sub-inspector called his two other associates and took Ashish to the police station after beating him up. The victim shopkeeper complained to the police station about the incident that happened to him, but no action was taken, then he filed a complaint in the court.

Two guards suspended in Central jail break case
Here in Gwalior itself, the jail administration has suspended two guards in the Central Jailbreak case. Sentinels Jagmohan Bhadoria and Aditya Purohit have been suspended after the negligence of two jail guards came to the fore in the investigation. The jail administration has also sent the report of prisoner escape from Central Jail to Bhopal headquarters. At the same time, soon the team from Bhopal will come to Gwalior to inspect the jail.

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On Friday, vicious thief Gulab Batham tried to escape from the Central Jail. Prisoner Gulab Batham had gone missing in the evening’s prisoner count. The missing vicious thief Gulab Batham had disappeared from the eyes of the jail administration and hid in the cowshed. Waiting for the opportunity, he tried to escape by jumping over the wall. The families of the police personnel living in the government quarter of the jail complex raised an alarm after seeing the prisoner trying to escape by scaling the wall. After which the jawans posted in the jail security caught the prisoner who tried to escape after a lot of effort. After which the jail administration heaved a sigh of relief. Vicious thief Gopal Batham came to Gwalior Central Jail on 19th June. He was arrested by the Inderganj police station.

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