Malakheda of Alwar district becomes municipality, will be fast

Rajasthan News: Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Tikaram Julie formally inaugurated the municipality by cutting the ribbon at Malakheda in Alwar district on Friday. Addressing the general public, he said that various development works have been done by the state government giving priority to Alwar district. He said that the vision of new Alwar Gramin is now being realized.

Development works will now be possible here on the lines of cities in rural areas. He said that after getting the status of municipality, now the villagers living in the villages around Malakheda will get basic facilities. He said that with the objective of promoting education and providing quality education to the needy children, a large number of Mahatma Gandhi English medium schools have been opened by the state government in rural areas and historic decisions like making higher education of girls free of cost have been taken.

Malkheda became a hub of facilities

He said that the Malkheda area has been developed as a hub of facilities by the state government giving a special gift. He said that in order to make all the facilities available to the residents of Malakheda area at the local level, fulfilling the years-old demand of making Tehsil of the area, not only Tehsil was made in Malakheda, but by opening the sub-divisional office, it has given a big gift to the people of the area, which will help the common people. Has been facilitated in getting his work done. He said that in Malakheda, many development works like Panchayat Samiti, Government College, ACGM Court, Police Station Upgrade, increase in the number of beds in CHC have been done by the state government, the Ganga of development has been shed in the area.

Observation of CCTV cameras,

During this, the minister also inspected the CCTV cameras installed at the main places of Malakheda with a cost of Rs 5 lakh from the MLA’s fund. He said that apart from strengthening the security system to maintain law and order in the area, these cameras would also help in curbing crimes. He said that with the aim of strengthening law and order in the state, the state government has opened new police posts along with upgrading police posts to police stations.

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