Manipur Violence News Manipur Violence | Bollywood celebs got angry over Manipur accident, said

This act with women in Manipur has hurt Ashutosh Rana a lot. Whose anger he expressed by tweeting. In this tweet, he wrote, “History is the witness that whenever any person has abducted or molested a woman, the entire human race has to pay the price. Just as there are four phases of ‘religion’ like truth, austerity, purity and charity, similarly there are four phases of ‘democracy’ like legislature, executive, judiciary and journalism. These four pillars of democracy have to work in harmony with each other, only then they will prevent people from committing inhuman acts. Now the time has come when all the political parties and politicians, media houses and media persons will have to forget their differences of opinion, blame and counter-accusations on each other and collectively venture for the welfare of the nation, public welfare, because this nation belongs to all, all the parties and parties are committed to protect, nurture, enrich the country and the countrymen. We should remember the exploitation of women, the atrocities done on her, her oppression, her humiliation.. not on half of humanity but on the entire humanity. It’s like a stigma.”

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