Meena Kumar Unknown Facts When Actress Body Was Scratched By Ants Her Struggle Continued Till Last Breath

Meena Kumari Unknown Facts: He brought up his entire family at the age of just six. When the children show their games in the playground, then she started spreading her performance in the cinema field. When the age figure reached the 13th position, the film world made her stand in the line of veteran actresses. His life caught such a speed that the last step came only on the 38th spring. It is not about anyone else, but the tragedy queen i.e. Meena Kumari. Now the question arises that why was Meena Kumari called the Tragedy Queen? Actually, she did not get this name because of her characters, but the ups and downs of life made her a tragedy queen for the time being. You would be surprised to know that Meena Kumari was that child, whose body was scratched by ants in her childhood. His struggle continued till his death. Today we are introducing you to the life-long struggle of the tragedy queen.

Ants scratched the body in childhood

The beginning of tragedy in the life of Meena Kumari had started with her birth. It so happened that as soon as Meena was born, she was left in an orphanage because her parents did not have the money to pay the doctor’s fees. When her father reached the orphanage to pick up his daughter, ants were crawling on the little girl’s body. Meena was fond of reading and writing since childhood, but compulsion made her appear on the colorful screen to earn money. Just worldliness taught Meena such a lesson that she became a serious poet.

Love also took the test

Meena Kumari also fell in love while narrating the stories of love on the big screen. She fell in love with director Kamal Amrohi, whose story started with Musammi’s juice. When both of them first met in 1949, Kamal Amrohi was married at that time. It so happened that once Meena was admitted in the hospital. Kamal reached Amrohi Hospital to see her and forced Meena, who was not eating or drinking anything, to drink Musammi juice. Just after that the phase of Meena and Kamal’s meetings started, which ended in Nikah.

A purse broke the contract of love

Please tell that after a few years of marriage, the tension between Meena and Kamal kept increasing and they got divorced. It is said that due to a purse, there was a rift in their relationship. It so happened that during the year 1955, Meena Kumari was to receive the Filmfare Award for the film ‘Parineeta’. Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari were sitting together in the audience gallery. When Meena Kumari went to receive the award, she forgot her purse on the chair itself. After getting off the stage, she went home. When actress Nimmi gave the purse to Meena, she asked Kamal, “Did you not see my purse?” Amazing answer was that he had seen the purse, but did not pick it up. If I pick up your purse today, you will have to wear shoes tomorrow. Just this thing broke the contract of love.

struggle till the last breath

Meena was also broken after breaking up with Kamal. She kept on doing films, but the brightness that Meena had always dreamed of never returned in her life. After separating from Kamal, Meena tied herself in the bond of poetry and ghazals. Also, drowned himself in alcohol. When Kamal had divorced Meena in 1964, he had written, ‘Talaak to de rahe ho nazar-e-kahar ke saath, jawani bhi lauta do mere mehar ke saath…’ Meena always saw happy endings on the film screen, but she did not get any happiness in real life. The series of tragedy in his life ended with the refusal of his breath.

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