Meena Kumari Step Son Tajdar Amrohi Said Why They Are Behind My Parents Manish Malhotra Kriti Sanon | Meena Kumari’s biopic stuck in trouble even before it was made, son raised objection, said

Meena Kumari Biopic: Meena Kumari’s life was full of pain. The more famous she was on the screen, the more tears were hidden behind her. Seeing this, fashion designer Manish Malhotra decided to make a film on her. This will be his directorial debut. Kriti Sanon was also finalized in this. Till now the announcement of this film was not done. However, even before the film was made, the makers were threatened with a case. Actually Meena Kumari’s step son Tajdar Amrohi has a strong objection to the making of this film. In such a situation, he has also threatened to file a case against the makers of the film. Now Tajdar Amrohi’s statement has also come to the fore, he says why Bollywood people are after his parents only.

‘The only couple left in Bollywood?’
In an interview to Bollywood Bubble, Tajdar Amrohi said, ‘My lawyer asked me whether the film has even started, I told him, no, I have just heard about it. Even big production houses like to be in news. So, they told me that if in future they decide to close this project, it would look like I am limelight hungry. I have unnecessarily become the enemy of this film. I don’t want to do that. People would think that I am publicity hungry, but I am not like that. Is this the only couple left in Bollywood on whom a film will be made? With all due respect there are many names like Nargis ji, Vyjanthimala ji, Reena Rai, Madhubala, Parveen Babi, Geeta Bali. Why are they not making films on them? Why are they only after my parents?’

Meena Kumari is called Tragedy Queen
Meena Kumari’s personal life has been quite tragic. Meena Kumari’s magic on the big screen was also amazing. That is why she is also called Tragedy Queen. The fan following of the actress was also very strong. In such a situation, making a film on his life is a matter of great pleasure for his fans. Manish Malhotra is going to direct this film, while Kriti Sanon is going to play the lead role in this film. Work on the scripting of this film, which is going to be made in the production of Bhushan Kumar, is still going on. Manish Malhotra had once said that recreating the magic like Meena Kumari has been his dream for a long time.

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