Migratory birds arrived as angels: considering the sign of monsoon, happiness among the villagers, this rule was made in the village for the protection of birds

Jitendra Sinha, Rajim. In village Lachkera of Fingeshwar, these days the village is echoing with the chirping of migratory birds. For a long time, a flock of thousands of open-billed stroked exotic Siberian birds reaches Lachkera, the last border village of the district, every year before the onset of monsoon. Expressing happiness, the villagers don’t miss calling it an angel, considering it a sign of the arrival of monsoon. As soon as they come, the villagers celebrate their happiness and also make elaborate arrangements for their security.

Besides instructing the villagers for the safety of these migratory birds by meeting in the village, a provision has been made for punishment for killing them and damaging their eggs. Along with this, an order has also been issued to hand him over to judicial custody if needed. Migratory birds reach Lachkera village every year after covering a distance of thousands of kilometers, build their nests, breed them, lay eggs and create new guests and take proper care of them. At the time of Diwali, in the month of October, new guests start flying with the cubs as soon as their feathers arrive.

Near the densely populated Lachkera village on the embankment along the river, making kites their food from the fields, freeing them from environmental pollution, the villagers also get relief from serious diseases caused by dirt. Because of this, the villagers eagerly wait for these birds as soon as the month of June begins.

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