Minister Amarjeet Bhagat taunted about the opposition’s no-confidence motion, said- there will be no effect on the government, BJP’s equation is disturbed…

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. BJP Legislature Party meeting was held yesterday at the residence of Leader of Opposition Narayan Chandel. In which a strategy was made to surround the government in the monsoon session of the assembly. The opposition has decided that it will bring a no-confidence motion against the government in the session. Minister Amarjit Bhagat has given a statement on this. He said that it will have no effect on the government. At the same time, BJP’s Mera Booth Sabse Strongest campaign has also tightened its grip on other issues.

Minister Amarjeet Bhagat said about bringing no-confidence motion of the opposition that it is the right of the opposition, all their questions will be answered. They had brought no-confidence motion earlier also, have seen what happened. The government is running with majority, it will have no effect on the government.

Regarding the strategy of the opposition to surround the government on issues related to the public, Minister Amarjit Bhagat said that those who have already got stains on their face, whose faces are covered by Jhiram scandal, who are already accused of 36000 crores scam. Yes, their moral courage is already low. Will he face the government?

BJP’s equation is disturbed in Chhattisgarh – Minister Bhagat

Regarding the BJP’s Mera Booth Sabse Strongest Campaign, Minister Amarjit Bhagat said that the power of the Prime Minister has already failed. Have seen in Himachal and Karnataka. Their equation is disturbed in Chhattisgarh. He has not been able to get the reservation bill signed till now, the central government has sent the governor, who is responsible for not signing it? The public is not a fool who will listen to them.

Tense on the visit of central leaders

Minister Amarjit Bhagat has taken a dig at the visit of central leaders. If nothing is happening with the leaders of the country, then they should bring leaders from America and abroad, even then nothing will happen to them.

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