Minister Patel’s attack on the opposition

Raipur. In the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly, the counterattack between the parties and the opposition is going on. Meanwhile, Minister Umesh Patel shot political arrows at the statements of BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar. During the discussion with Minister Umesh Patel, the BJP MLA said that Chandrakar ji seems to have come after watching the film Adipurush. The same film in which the names of 4 BJP chief ministers appear in the disclaimer. In the same film such dialogues were called from our adorable Lord Hanuman, which is painful for us. This is an insult to God.

Rakar did the work of building the temple of Mata Kaushalya – Patel

Minister Umesh Patel said that Chandrakar says that Mata Kaushalya is not the daughter of Chhattisgarh. This is very painful. Mother Kaushalya is the daughter of Chhattisgarh. Lord Ram is related to Chhattisgarh. Our government has done the work of building the temple of Mata Kaushalya. Worked on Ramvan Gaman. Ramayana festival has been organized.

Mother Kaushalya’s birth place is not Chandkhuri – Chandrakar

During the discussion itself, Ajay Chandrakar denied the words of Umesh Patel and said that I never said that Mata Kaushalya is not the daughter of Chhattisgarh. This is what I said that the birthplace of Mata Kaushalya is not Chandkhuri, which is being told.

Mata Kaushalya is from our Chhattisgarh – Patel

Umesh Patel said that if a separate session is called regarding this, then I am ready for discussion. Mata Kaushalya is from our Chhattisgarh and she will be called us.

Bhagat Singh compared to naked protesters

During the discussion, Umesh Patel also objected to comparing the naked protesters with Bhagat Singh. He said that it has hurt us. Such comparison is not correct at all.

There is no merit in the disbelief of the opposition – Minister Patel

Counting the achievements of his departments, Umesh Patel said that there is no merit in the mistrust of the opposition. I will ask my opposition colleagues to withdraw their proposal. People have faith in Chhattisgarh government and will continue to do so in the future.

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