Minister, your ‘MLA’ is a big gamer! Public relations fund messed up, 25-25 thousand distributed to 7 families of MIC member, special supporters sifted cream, BJP raised questions

Manendragarh. The misdeeds of the Congress MLA from Manendragarh in Chhattisgarh have come to the fore. The game of the MLA has brought the Congress to the dock. This MLA keeps on doing many exploits, due to which he collects a lot of headlines. Now another scandal has brought disgrace to the MLA. The MLA has diverted the minister’s voluntary donation fund. Money was distributed among 7 families of MIC member and special supporters including NSUI office bearers. BJP has targeted fiercely on this.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, after the distribution of the voluntary grant fund, a case of diversion of public relations funds has come to the fore in the Manendragarh assembly. On the recommendation of Congress MLA Vinay Jaiswal, the public relations fund of Tamradhwaj Sahu, the in-charge minister of the district, has been misused.

Cream divided in Sohan Khatik’s family

Municipal Corporation Chirmiri’s councilor and MIC member Sohan Khatik’s 7 family members have been distributed 25-25 thousand rupees of the public relations fund. 25-25 thousand rupees were distributed to Chirmiri Municipal Corporation councilor and MIC member Sohan’s son, brother, nephew, sister-in-law and other family members.

The amount was distributed among the special supporters of the MLA.

The amount of public relations fund of the minister in charge has been misused to such an extent that the relatives and families of special supporters of the MLA, including Rahul Kesharwani, brother of Durga Kesharwani, treasurer of Chirmiri Block Congress Committee and NSUI office bearer Shubham Saluja, have also received an amount of Rs 25,000 each. has been distributed.

Many exploits of MLA ,

Manendragarh MLA Vinay Jaiswal has given the names of the people to whom the amount has been distributed from the public relations fund of the in-charge minister. This is not the first case of misappropriation of grants and funds by the Congress MLA. Since becoming an MLA, Vinay Jaiswal has also been in the limelight for misappropriation of the amount of the Voluntary Grant Fund.

Voluntary grant amount was also distributed to journalists

Apart from Mahila Congress block president, Congress leaders, Youth Congress leaders and NSUI office bearers, this alderman and his assistant public relations representative have been in limelight for distributing this voluntary amount to their special people. Not only this, MLA Vinay Jaiswal had also distributed the amount of voluntary grant to the journalists to make their face shine in the media.

What did Vinay Jaiswal say?

On the other hand, in this matter, MLA Vinay Jaiswal said that someone’s mother had to be treated, someone had to study nursing, for which we have used the Swachha grant amount. Even before this it has been given to many people. We keep helping, go to the assembly and find out. At the same time, he said that we have also helped the family of former BJP MLA. One lakh rupees have been given.

What did the former MLA say?

In this case, former MLA of Manendragarh Shyam Bihari Jaiswal said that the amount of Swachhadan has been given to the contractor and the brothers of the contractor. Out of this, amount has been released to the members of MIC. During this, he has also raised questions regarding the plans for free treatment. Swachhadan amount has been given to the mutton trader. He said that the mutton that had come on the birthday of the MLA has been paid for. People are saying so, I am not saying so, he said that we will return the Swachha Anudan amount given to the families of BJP by taking donations.

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