Ministerial employees will go on strike for 5 point demands including pending dearness allowance

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. The Chhattisgarh Mantralaya Employees Union organized a huge general meeting today outside the D Gate of the Mantralaya, in which officers and employees of the Mantralaya from Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, Section Officer to III-IV cadre participated in large numbers. In the general meeting, it was decided to go on strike regarding five-point demands.

Chhattisgarh employees officers in support of five-point demands like pending dearness allowance of employees, house rent allowance at central rates, four-tier pay scale, report of Pinguwa Committee and Secretary GAD for salary discrepancy and superannuation age to be changed from 33 years to 25 years The decision of not doing government work on coming 7th July was unanimously supported by the United Front.

While addressing the general meeting, Union President Mahendra Singh Rajput apprised the employees about the reasons for the strike situation and the action plan of the United Front. He demanded from the government that in view of the good economic condition of the state, 7 lakh employees and pensioners of the state should get 9 percent dearness allowance arrears pending from the same date as that of the center and house rent allowance at the rates of the center including revision of all the other provisions of the United Front. Demands should be fulfilled immediately.

Rajput told that time was sought to meet the Chief Minister to discuss the demands, but the sitting government, which remained ignorant of the suffering of the injured employees, did not even think it appropriate to hold talks. Only after this, the decision was taken by the United Front to stop the government work of the entire state on July 7. Even before the strike, if the government agrees to the demands, then the employees will fulfill their duties with complete devotion.

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