Miscreants teasing the police: Posting on social media with knives and swords, wrote – If you want to meet your location, outpost and police station, then come to Bhopal

Shabbir Ahmed, Bhopal. How high the morale of the goons in Madhya Pradesh is, a sample of this was seen in the capital Bhopal. Here the criminals do not have even an iota of fear of the police, that is why the miscreants are openly challenging the police and the law by sharing posts on social media with knives, knives, swords and illegal weapons.

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Not only this, the video of miscreants beating children on social media is going viral. In the name of incident 302, the miscreants have created an ID on the social media Instagram, in which it is also written, “Apna thikana chowki aur thana milna ho to Bhopal aa jaana” This clearly shows that the miscreants have no fear of the police, And he is seen openly teasing the police through such posts.

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However, now the thing to be seen will be what action the police takes on these posts of miscreants going viral on social media. Because by doing such act, the miscreants are trying to create fear among the general public, and it is necessary for the police to take action against such people, otherwise any major incident can be carried out by them.

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