Mission Impossible 7 Action Scenes BTS Are Mind Blowing Real Train Were Blast For Tom Cruise Dangerous Stunt

Real Train Were Blast For Tom Cruise Dangerous Stunt: For the fans of Mission Impossible, this film of Tom Cruise has always been an extra adventure film. Now Mission Impossible 7 is coming. In such a situation, the fans are very excited about this film. This excitement for Tom Cruise’s film increases further when the BTS video (Behind the Scene) of his film comes to the fore. Believe me, the BTS of this film will take you on a trip to Adventure Land.

BTS of Tom Cruise’s film surfaced
Usually, when the makers have to shoot scenes for the shoots, they sabotage the dummies for the action. If an action sequence is to be shown in a train, then the train is borrowed or shot in a dummy, explosion is shown through VFX or it is shown as an explosion and thrown into the ditch. But everything is real in this film of Tom.

Tom Cruise has shared the BTS video of this film with fans on Twitter. This film has been made at a cost of crores. At the same time, the special thing is that during the shooting of the film, a real train was blown up for the action scene.

watch video here

Yes, the more interesting thing is that this train was made only to blow it up in a special scene. From the exterior design to the interior of the train, it was made like a luxurious hotel, after which the tremendous action scene of Tom Cruise and Villain was shot on the roof of this train. You can also experience how Tom Cruise is killing the villain with the high speed of the train without losing his balance.

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