MLA’s Report Card: Ashoknagar’s Mungaoli assembly, not BJP-Congress, here the trend of Scindia’s supporter’s victory, unemployment and migration is the biggest issue

Rakesh Chaturvedi, Bhopal. Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in a few months. Four and a half years have passed since this term from 2018 to 2023. By the end of the year, the people will again elect their government. That is, once again it is the turn of the people’s representatives to live up to the expectations of the people. What is the current situation in 230 assembly seats of MP, what is the condition of the area, which MLA is in so much water? The answer to all these will now be given by the report card of the MLA. is going to tell you about the performance of all the MLAs of the state and the ground realities of their areas. MLA’s talk in Report Card today Mungawali assembly of Ashoknagar district Seat’s

Madhya Pradesh has such a unique assembly, where elections have been held once and by-elections have been held twice. Congress has won twice out of three and once BJP has won. The most important thing is that the winning face in all the three elections is the same. This face is also involved in the race to become a candidate for the fourth time.

We are talking about Mungavali assembly seat of Ashoknagar district. The Mungawali seat is an area dominated by veteran Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia and has been held by the Congress for a long time. The BJP made many attempts to grab this seat, which is called the stronghold of the Congress, but the BJP was able to succeed when the MLAs here along with Scindia left the Congress and joined the BJP. Caste equations have been deciding the victory or defeat in the electoral issues on this seat.

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Talking about issues other than caste equations, the issue of unemployment is also echoing fiercely in the election season. The demand for setting up industries in Mungaoli is years old. To stop migration, every time a promise is made in the election to set up industry here, but this time too, bringing industry is limited to promises. Many irrigation projects have definitely been brought in the area for the farmers, so the work of tap-water scheme is also going on fast here. BJP is making this the main issue in the elections. Here, the Congress is trying to capitalize on the MLA’s defection during the election season. Congress is also trying to raise the issue of illegal mining among the people.

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The trend of victory of pro-Scindia candidate

This assembly seat is held by the Congress. In 2013, Mahendra Singh Kalukheda of INC was elected MLA. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s supporter Brijendra Singh Yadav won the by-election held after Kalukheda’s death in 2018. Brijendra Singh defeated Baisaheb Yadav of BJP in the by-election. In 2018, Brijendra Singh Yadav won again and defeated Krishna Pal Singh Yadav of BJP by 2136 votes. Brijendra Yadav won the election again by joining BJP with Scindia. Congress candidate Kanhairam Lodhi was defeated by 21 thousand votes. Meaning here the victory of the Scindia supporter is considered certain.

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These are election issues

The biggest election issue in this assembly is the caste equation. The issue of unemployment will also resonate in the elections this time. The demand to set up industry here has been rising for years and migration is the biggest problem. Irrigation projects have been brought for the farmers. While the BJP is making development an issue, the Congress is stressing on defections. The issue of illegal mining is already resonating.

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caste equation of assembly

This assembly is Yadav caste dominated area. Here there are 47 thousand voters of scheduled castes and tribes and 40 thousand votes of Yadav community. Similarly, the votes of Lodhi Samaj are 19 thousand and Dangi voters are close to 15 thousand. Other castes include Kushwaha – 9 thousand, Gurjar – 6 thousand, Muslim – 7 thousand and Brahmin – 5 thousand.

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Possible contenders of BJP and Congress

If we talk about the contenders in this constituency, the present MLA Brijendra Singh Yadav from BJP is the strongest contender. Traditionally their claim is also made. Apart from him, Minister of State status Ajay Pratap Yadav is also staking claim. District Panchayat member Yadvendra Singh Yadav is being told ahead in the ticket race from Congress. Ajay Pal Singh Yadav, younger brother of BJP MP from Guna-Ashoknagar Lok Sabha, KP Yadav, and Kanhayaram Lodhi, who contested in 2018, are also said to be among the contenders.

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