Modi praised the question asked by the worker, these tips made the election conchshell

Bhopal. PM Modi has reached Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, to participate in the program ‘Mera Booth Sabse Saubhagya’. Where he flagged off 5 Vande Bharat trains including 2 from MP. PM Modi raised slogans of Bharat Mata Jai ​​during the address of the program ‘Mera Booth Sabse Strong’. The auditorium echoed with the cheers of PM Modi. With the class of workers regarding Mission 2023-24, Modi made the election conch shell. While giving tips, Modi said that before being a politician, become a social leader. PM Modi also answered questions from BJP workers. The first question was asked by Shriram Patel, an activist from Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh.

BJP worker Shriram Patel’s question , You yourself worked as a worker up to the Mandal level. In such a situation, how do you see social work apart from politics?

PM Modi’s answer

It is good that instead of the chaos of everyday politics, you have brought another question. The booth itself is a huge unit. This unit of booth should not be considered small. We should rise above the political worker in our booth and make our identity as a companion of the society. There are many such things, in which the feedback of the ground is necessary. Booth’s companions play a big role in this. The power of the information provided by the booth worker is immense. We BJP workers don’t hold meetings in AC, we go from village to village and spend ourselves among the public in every season.

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That’s why it is necessary for the booth to be strong. The worker from the village explained to me about Ujjwala and it became a policy. The identity of the worker should be from the service. For the booth, there should be an identity of service, not tu-tu, me-me. The works which people find small, they are very useful. There are newspapers of our party. There are magazines. We must decide that we will distribute them. This will be our one lotus message. Will decide that he will keep roaming from house to house till the next one comes. You spend for yourself, but if you deliver it to the homes of others, it will be beneficial.

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Now all the farmers go to buy urea separately. If you make a WhatsApp group and ask their demand and go together to buy urea, then the cost of bringing it will be reduced. Everyone has such a feeling, but there is no medium. When a person becomes a medium, then people with service attitude get attached to him. When you give books, you will see that children will also give their old books. You will see that the books will reach every house.

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Told the way of friendship with poor families through Anganwadi. It is the season of dates, so feed dates to children. New toffee has arrived, so feed them toffee. In this way, they will recognize you. Your association will be made with those families. Do such experiments at your booths. The attitude of people looking at you will change.

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Let us tell you that the Prime Minister came to Bhopal to start the election campaign for Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh elections and 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He addressed 10 lakh and 64,100 booth workers of Madhya Pradesh’s 543 Lok Sabha through digital medium under the ‘Mera Booth, Sabse Sambhajna’ campaign at Motilal Nehru Stadium in Bhopal. In this, 3 thousand workers from the assembly constituencies of all the states also participated. The Prime Minister had a direct conversation with him.

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