Monica Bedi Has Cast Opposite Salman Khan In Karan Arjun Actress Revealed Shahrukh Khan Kajol Mamta Kulkarni

Monica Bedi On Karan Arjun: Monica Bedi earned a lot of fame in the 90s. She was a part of many superhit films, but one popular film was missed by her. In fact, recently Monica Bedi talked about the blockbuster film that came out of her hands and revealed that the role of Mamta Kulkarni was first offered to her in ‘Karan Arjun’.

Rakesh Roshan met Monica Bedi at Holi party
In a conversation with Siddharth Kanan, Monica Bedi revealed, “I was at director Subhash Ghai’s Holi party with my friends and there I met Rakesh Roshan. After a brief chat, he gave me his card and called him. Then I was wondering why did he give me the card. He is an actor. I just tore the card and threw it away. After a few months, my manager asked me, ‘Why haven’t you met Rakesh Roshan? I didn’t know they were planning to cast you in ‘Karan Arjun’ opposite Salman Khan.”

‘Didn’t know who are director producers’
In this conversation, Monica Bedi further told that I think I was very naive at that time to understand things. At that time I only used to watch films and knew actors and actresses. I didn’t know who the director or producer was. Monica Bedi also said that she has no regrets for letting go of the film ‘Karan-Arjun’. He said, ‘I do not regret that I did not have experience and I was stupid. Nobody is born smart. I have no regrets for whatever I did.

Talking about Karan Arjun, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kajol and Mamta Kulkarni were in lead roles in this film. Released in 1995, this film was not only a blockbuster, but the name of this film is also included in the classic films.

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