Monsoon Session: Kaushik raised questions on the poor system of the Health Department, a committee was formed to investigate the death of newborns.

Raipur. Former Assembly Speaker Dharamlal Kaushik questioned the death of children in the monsoon session due to the poor system of the health department. A committee was formed to investigate this. Kaushik, while discussing with journalists in the Vidhan Sabha premises, targeted the government regarding the poor system of health department in the state and the death of new born babies. He said, BJP has been continuously raising questions regarding this matter. In the last five years, the state government has always been hiding the death of new born babies.

On Kaushik’s question, in the written reply of the Deputy Chief Minister, it was told that in five years, the total number of deaths of newborns of 0 to 28 days is 23 thousand 693 and the number of child deaths below 5 years is 15 thousand 574. Altogether 39 thousand 267 children died in various hospitals. Kaushik said, BJP has been warning the Congress government of the state that negligence is being done regarding the health system, due to which children are dying continuously. Despite this, instead of solving the problems, the government is working to avoid this matter.

Dharamlal Kaushik said that the government is only trying to loot false laurels that the rate of malnutrition has decreased in Chhattisgarh and the number of nutrition has increased. Now the question is how thousands of children lost their lives in these five years. This is a serious matter. The Congress government is expert in hiding figures. If the government of the state will still be negligent on this, then the kind of frightening situation that is being seen in the coming times will become a matter of concern for the entire state.

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