MP: BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi once again demanded to make Maihar a district, wrote a letter to CM Shivraj

Ajay Sharma, Bhopal. Narayan Tripathi, BJP MLA from Maihar assembly of Satna district, who is often in headlines for his statements, has written a letter to CM Shivraj. In this, he has once again reiterated the demand to make Maihar a district. In this letter, he has written that ‘You will visit Maihar in the near future during the Vikas Parv, on your arrival, you are greeted and greeted at Mai’s Dham.

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At present, the public sentiment to see Maihar as a district is at its peak here. In this regard, talks were held with you several times in the past and you also gave assurances, but Maihar could not be made a district due to non-formation of the government in 2018. Later, with my continuous efforts, the then government passed a proposal in the cabinet to declare Maihar as a district, but the matter is still pending due to certain reasons. It is essential that Maihar be made a district. This is not a matter of politics.

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In the letter, the BJP MLA said that due to my demand for a separate Vindhya Pradesh, I am termed as a rebel, but it is the need of the hour to make Maa Sharda’s holy abode Maihar a district in honor of Maihar’s public sentiment. This will be the first step towards the creation of Vindhya Pradesh. By declaring Nagda as a district only yesterday, you have given a big gift to the people there. Maihar is also a big area in terms of area, there are three cement industries, Mai Sharda Dham is there, overall Maihar is favorable in terms of criteria required to make a district. Therefore, you are requested that whenever you visit Maihar, please give a big gift to the area by taking appropriate decision to make Maihar a district according to public sentiment and make Maa Sharda Dham more grand.

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