MP Cheetah News: Cheetahs are dying due to rotten meat and hunger, former driver of Kuno National Park made a sensational disclosure

Arif Qureshi, Sheopur. A person has made a sensational disclosure regarding the death of cheetahs in Kuno National Park in Keshopur district of Madhya Pradesh. A person claiming to be the driver of a Cheetah Tracking Team vehicle in the western range of Kuno National Park has given a big statement regarding the death of cheetahs. This person has claimed that the cheetahs did not die due to any disease or any other reason, but they are dying of hunger and feeding them rotten meat.

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This person claims that cheetahs are given very little meat and that too rotten throat, eating which cheetahs have died. They do not have any disease, but they are all completely healthy, if there is any shortcoming then it is of good arrangements. This person has also accused the government of misappropriating the government’s budget by issuing fake bills. The person making such claims is Sunil Ojha, a resident of Pohri in Shivpuri district. Who claims that he was the driver of Cheetah Tracking Team vehicle in Palpur West Range in Kuno National Park till 3-4 months ago. The work of carrying meat for cheetahs was done by the same vehicle that he used to drive. That’s why he has seen all the mess closely, a person named Sunil claims that, in the name of feeding meat to cheetahs, a mess of lakhs of rupees is being done in Kuno National Park.

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Sunil claims that, one to one and a half quintal meat of two buffaloes or Pada was kept in the fridge, the meat in the fridge became so tight that even leopards could not eat it properly, this meat was kept in the fridge for several days. Even in the condition of rotting, that meat was put for cheetahs. At the same time, the amount of meat that was put for cheetahs was very less, their stomach could not be filled properly, due to which they died. The kind of illness and other claims being made by the authorities are wrong.

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This person has accused the DFO of Kuno National Park to the CCF of being involved in this mess. Claiming that cheetahs were given rotten meat and they died due to hunger, Sunil says that he has received salary in his account from Kuno National Park, the proof of which he will get the bank statement removed.

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