MP CRIME: Husband killed wife in domestic dispute, beaten to death with sticks

Sanjay Vishwakarma, Umaria. A shocking case has come to light from Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. Where after a domestic dispute, the husband beat his wife to death with a stick. The case pertains to village Patpara under Naurozabad police station in the district, where the dead body of 23-year-old Pooja Baiga was found lying in the house. The incident is being told on the intervening night of 24 and 25 July. The police have been involved in the investigation of the case.

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According to the information received, there was a dispute between the husband and wife on Monday late night regarding some domestic matter, the dispute increased so much that the husband became aggressive and beat the wife fiercely with sticks, due to which the wife lost her life. In this case, it is also told that the aunt also lived with the couple, but had gone out of work during the incident. Later, when she came, the incident had already happened. After the incident, the police have taken a lead on this matter and detained the suspects and are making inquiries regarding the incident.

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It is said that the accused husband Chhotu Singh Gond had inter-caste marriage with Pooja Baiga, a resident of his own village, in the year 2018 i.e. 5 years ago. Both have two small children of 3-4 years old. This information is also coming out from the sources that both husband and wife were addicted to drugs, and the husband had objection to getting intoxicated by the wife. At present, what is the truth of the whole matter, it will be clear only after the police investigation.

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