MP Election 2023: Aam Aadmi Party Announces Candidates for 29 Assembly Seats

MP Election 2023- Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has announced the names of candidates for 29 assembly seats in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections. With this announcement, AAP has declared candidates for a total of 39 out of the 230 assembly seats.

In a significant move, AAP has nominated Mohammad Saud as its candidate for the North Bhopal assembly seat. Saud is a familiar face in Bhopal’s political landscape, having defeated Aarif Aqeel, the independent candidate and brother of Congress leader Arif Aqeel, in the previous municipal elections. The North Bhopal seat is considered a stronghold of the Congress in this region, and Saud’s entry into the electoral fray is expected to pose a formidable challenge to the Congress.

On the same seat, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has fielded Alok Sharma, a former mayor and a staunch proponent of Hindu nationalism. Notably, AAP had initially nominated Priyanka Meena from Bhopal’s Chachauda assembly seat, leading to a rebellion by Mamta Meena, a former MLA who left the BJP to join AAP.

AAP has also named Raeesa Malik as its candidate for the Narela assembly seat.

The Ongoing Political Battle for Bhopal North Assembly Seat

The North Bhopal assembly constituency has been a hotly contested battleground for three decades. Voters in this region have given opportunities to candidates from various parties and ideologies.

In the past, candidates from the Communist Party of India (CPI) won in 1957, 1967, and 1972. In 1977, during the Janata Party wave, Hamid Quraishi of the Janata Party emerged victorious. Rasool Ahmed Siddiqui of the Congress won in 1980 and 1985.

However, the entry of Aarif Aqeel in 1990 marked a new era. He initially contested as an independent candidate and became an MLA. In 1993, Aarif Aqeel ran as a Congress candidate and defeated the BJP’s Ramesh Sharma. After this victory, Aarif Aqeel has remained undefeated on this seat as an indomitable warrior for over three decades.

Here’s a list of AAP’s candidates for 29 assembly seats:

  • Damoh: Chahat Pandey
  • Bade Malhera: Chanda Kinnar
  • Bijawar: Amit Bhatnagar
  • Chhatarpur: Bhagirath Patel (District Panchayat Member)
  • Sivani Malwa: Sunil Gaur
  • Indore-Char: Piyush Joshi
  • Bhander: Ramani Devi Jatav
  • Bhind: Rahul Kushwah
  • Mehgaon: Satendra Bhadauria
  • Mahu (Indore): Sunil Choudhary
  • Gandhwani: Bherusingh Anare
  • Shivpuri: Anup Dayal
  • Indore-1: Anurag Yadav
  • Bargi: Vijay Mohan Palha
  • Panagar: Pankaj Pathak
  • Patan: Vijay Mohan Palha
  • Sendhwa: Nananand Narve
  • Devatalab: Dilip Singh Guddu
  • Manawar: Varun Ambedkar
  • Mauganj: Usha Kaul
  • Devasar: Ratibhan Saket
  • Sidhi: Anand Mangal Singh
  • Nagada-Khacharoud: Subodh Swami
  • Rewa: Deepak Singh Patel

AAP’s announcement of candidates for these seats sets the stage for an intriguing electoral battle in Madhya Pradesh. As the election season unfolds, political dynamics in the state are expected to evolve, with various parties vying for the support of the electorate.

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