MP Election 2023: AAP Denies Viral Message, Sets Sights on All 230 Seats in Madhya Pradesh

MP Election 2023: A recent viral message claiming that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Madhya Pradesh will not field any candidates in the upcoming state elections and will support the Congress has been strongly refuted by the party’s state president, Rani Agrawal.

The message, which surfaced after a meeting of the BJP’s Central Election Committee attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleged that the AAP had decided not to contest the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections to support the Congress party. Rani Agrawal, however, categorically denied this claim, labeling it as a malicious attempt by mischievous elements to disrupt the party’s prospects.

She clarified that the AAP is fully prepared to contest all 230 seats in the state, and the party has already finalized the names of ten candidates for various constituencies. Additionally, Agrawal emphasized that the AAP is actively working on selecting candidates for the remaining seats and that discussions are ongoing within the party.

Furthermore, Rani Agrawal announced that the AAP is committed to promoting gender diversity in politics. As part of this commitment, the party has already selected women candidates for all nine seats in Indore. She expressed that the AAP is dedicated to challenging both the Congress and the BJP in the state and is determined to contest all seats.

Regarding the viral message, she asserted that some mischievous elements are trying to create confusion and disrupt the political atmosphere in the state. She added that the AAP is prepared to face the electoral challenge with full force and that the party’s preparations are in full swing. Agrawal also revealed that the AAP’s executive meeting will be held soon in Bhopal to finalize the list of candidates for the upcoming assembly elections.

In conclusion, the AAP in Madhya Pradesh has categorically denied the viral message claiming support for the Congress and reaffirmed its commitment to contesting all 230 seats in the state. The party is gearing up for a competitive electoral battle and remains focused on its mission to bring change to the political landscape of Madhya Pradesh.

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