MP Election 2023: BJP Accused of False Promises in Tribal Development, Congress Takes a Stand

MP Election 2023: The BJP government, accused of making false promises in tribal development, has not established a single university in tribal areas in the past 18 years. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in schemes like MGNREGA, tribal communities continue to migrate from these regions. My grandmother, Indira Gandhi, always emphasized the need to strengthen tribal culture and traditions.

The Congress has consistently followed this principle, granting tribal communities rights over land, water, and forests. It is now time for women to take control of the elections. The government’s sensitivity to these issues has dwindled. Patwaris went on strike for a month, but the government remained indifferent. In the past 18 years, the BJP has been involved in over 250 scams.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Speech in Rajgarh

These statements were made on Thursday at a public rally in Rajgarh by Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. She emphasized the historical significance of the region, citing the tale of Rukmini holding the reins of Lord Shri Krishna’s chariot at the Amkha-Jhamkha temple in Amjhera when he was taking her away.

Once again, it is time for the women of this region to take control of the elections and uproot the corrupt and inefficient government. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s rally targeted the constituencies of six districts in the Indore division, with Rajgarh being the chosen destination.

A Massive Turnout for Priyanka Gandhi

The crowd gathered to hear Priyanka Gandhi was so immense that all the arrangements were fully occupied. Three pandals were set up to accommodate the public, and they were filled to capacity. Large numbers of people stood in the scorching sun to listen to Priyanka Gandhi’s speech.

“Coconuts Don’t Break, but Roads Do”

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, while comparing the current government to a crumbling kingdom, remarked that the government is running on the double engine of false assurances. He criticized corruption and humorously stated, “The Chief Minister carries coconuts in his hand, and instead of breaking them, he ends up breaking the roads.” He pointed out that corruption is rampant in the state, and every person in Madhya Pradesh is either a victim or a witness to it.

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