MP Election 2023: BJP’s Electoral Strategy under Close Scrutiny from Delhi in Madhya Pradesh

In the run-up to the impending elections in Madhya Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has shifted its gears into high gear. With just over two months to go until the polls, the party is leaving no stone unturned to ensure victory in the state. Delhi’s watchful eye is firmly fixed on every political move unfolding in Madhya Pradesh, and it seems to be paying off, as the BJP maintains a significant edge over its rivals, including the Congress.

Under the astute guidance of Central leadership, the BJP has orchestrated an extensive campaign, reaching the masses through various initiatives, from election committees to booth-level events. It’s evident that this time around, the entire electoral machinery in Madhya Pradesh falls under the command of the Delhi headquarters.

Delhi’s Decisive Role

Delhi is calling the shots when it comes to election campaigning, ticket distribution, and assigning responsibilities to party leaders. Home Minister Amit Shah has assumed full responsibility for overseeing the election strategy. A dedicated team of central leaders is actively engaged in the state, following Shah’s directives. This underscores the prominence of the BJP’s top leadership in shaping the outcome of the assembly elections.

In the aftermath of the BJP’s defeat in the Karnataka elections, the party is keen on mending fences with disgruntled workers in Madhya Pradesh. Meetings and coordination efforts are underway to address grievances and boost morale. The focus is on eradicating communication gaps and ironing out differences, such as discontent, lack of work, and unmet expectations.

Yadav and Vaishnav Take Center Stage

The election strategy is being implemented under the leadership of central BJP figures, with Bhupendra Yadav taking charge as the Election Coordinator. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav will oversee election management from the party’s state headquarters in Bhopal. Hourly updates on electoral activities in the state will be sent to Delhi for review.

Micro-Planning for Victory

The BJP has devised a micro-level electoral strategy to secure its fifth consecutive win in the state. Specific plans have been crafted for each battleground where the party aims to outperform its opposition. Notably, senior leader Gopal Bhargava will play a crucial role in Bundelkhand.

Leaders on Regional Assignments

As per Delhi’s strategy, leaders will be assigned regional responsibilities. Most ministers from the state government are expected to focus their attention on their respective assembly constituencies. Reports suggest that they are mandated to dedicate their full time to canvassing for votes and connecting with constituents.

Furthermore, leaders from neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Adityanath, Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Maurya, and party spokesperson Patra will campaign in constituencies near the UP border. Similarly, ministers and leaders from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh will be deployed to bordering assembly areas.

A Special Emphasis on Tribal Regions

The BJP’s electoral strategy places special importance on tribal regions, where the party plans to have tribal leaders lead the campaign. Additionally, individuals who have been working tirelessly for the welfare of tribal communities over the years will also be actively involved in the BJP’s election campaign.

Inclusion of Influential Figures

Notably, the campaign will feature influential saints and prominent personalities from various sections of society. Many of them have been accompanying BJP leaders during the ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra,’ garnering support and blessings from the public.

In conclusion, the BJP’s meticulous electoral planning under the scrutiny of Delhi’s central leadership aims to secure another victory in Madhya Pradesh. With a strong emphasis on micro-planning and regional assignments, the party is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for electoral success in the state.

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