MP Election 2023: Congress on the Hunt for Answers to BJP’s Panna Prabhari Strategy

MP Election 2023: In the 2023 Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is striving to return to power, has formulated a micro-management plan to strengthen its presence at every booth level. Typically, each page of the voter list contains around 60 or more voters. In Gujarat, the BJP had appointed two booth in-charges for one page of the voter list, but in Madhya Pradesh, they have deployed two or more workers for each page.

In every assembly constituency, these workers are actively engaging with approximately ten families, equivalent to around thirty voters, going door-to-door to establish direct contact. They are maintaining regular communication with all voters, from sharing their joys and sorrows to creating WhatsApp groups to stay connected with them. BJP workers are also coordinating with legislators and ministers to address the concerns of the voters.

So far, various phases of meetings with booth in-charges have taken place. As a result, the BJP has organized training sessions for the booth in-charges of Panna and half-Panna constituencies. From booth expansion plans to the involvement of traveling short-term expansion workers, the booth’s operational processes have been reviewed multiple times. The party is also regularly sending out updates through WhatsApp groups by collecting mobile numbers at the state level.

The concept of having booth in-charges was initiated in the Bhopal North constituency in 1993 when Ramesh Sharma Guttu contested the assembly elections, and Uma Shankar Gupta was the election in-charge. This strategy was later applied in other constituencies as well.

During his tenure as Panna booth in-charge, Umashankar Gupta shared that this system was first implemented in the Bhopal North constituency in 1993. Ramesh Sharma Guttu contested the assembly elections at that time, and I was appointed as the election in-charge. In that election, we appointed booth in-charges for Panna constituency, and for the first time, a Hindu candidate won from this Muslim-majority constituency with a margin of 10,000 votes.

Later in 2008, I was appointed as the Panna booth in-charge for the South-West constituency. During this time, the then National Organization Secretary, Ram Lal, visited our constituency and observed the booth in-charge system. He praised the system and it was subsequently adopted in other states as well.

These booth in-charges will oversee more than 18 lakh party workers, who are actively engaged at the booth level. In Madhya Pradesh, there are a total of 64,523 booths. With the deployment of over 30 workers at each booth, the BJP aims to create a strong grassroots presence in the state.

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