MP Election 2023: Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections Surprising Survey Results

MP Election 2023: In the lead-up to the Madhya Pradesh state assembly elections, both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress are leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts of the voters. The political landscape is abuzz with parties making grand promises and putting forth their best candidates. The BJP recently announced the names of 79 candidates, including three central ministers and seven MPs, although the Congress has yet to reveal its list of candidates. With uncertainty looming over the number of seats each party will secure and the formation of the government, discussions among the public are rife.

The latest survey conducted by a news channel has thrown up some surprising results. If the assembly elections were held in October, the ruling BJP is projected to win between 102 and 110 seats, while the main opposition party, the Congress, is expected to secure between 118 and 128 seats. Other smaller parties are anticipated to win only between 3 and 7 seats.

It’s worth noting that in the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP suffered a setback, winning 109 seats, a loss of 56 seats compared to the previous elections. Meanwhile, the Congress secured 114 seats. According to the survey, both the BJP and the Congress are estimated to receive 42% of the vote share each. The BJP is projected to receive 42.7% of the votes in the 2023 elections, while the Congress is expected to secure 43.9% of the votes. Other parties are predicted to receive 12.80% of the votes.

Seat Projections by Region

According to the survey, in the Malwa-Nimar region, the Congress is projected to win 41-45 seats, while the BJP is trailing with expectations of securing 20-24 seats. In the Mahakoshal region, the BJP is leading with expectations of winning 18-22 seats, while the Congress is expected to secure 16-20 seats. In the Gwalior-Chambal region, the Congress is in a relatively strong position with 26-30 seats, while the BJP is facing significant losses, with an estimate of 6-19 seats.

In Central Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is expected to outperform the Congress and secure approximately 22-24 seats, while the Congress is projected to win 12-14 seats. Similarly, in the Vindhya region, the BJP is estimated to win 20-22 seats, while the Congress is likely to secure 6-8 seats. Finally, in the Bundelkhand region, the BJP is expected to win 15-17 seats, while the Congress may secure 9-11 seats.

These survey results indicate a close contest between the BJP and the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, setting the stage for a fiercely competitive assembly election. As the election date approaches, both parties will be vying for every vote, making the outcome uncertain and the political landscape all the more exciting.

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