MP Election 2023: Mahakaushal Election strategy will be crafted by Vivek Tankha!

Two things have become abundantly clear in the run-up to the upcoming elections. Firstly, strategic expertise will play a significant role in determining victory or defeat. Secondly, Congress’s seasoned strategist, Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha, will wield considerable influence on the Congress’ electoral game plan.

From formulating strategies to distributing tickets, Vivek Tankha’s acumen will be pivotal in every aspect of the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, after the release of the BJP’s second candidate list, political dynamics have undergone a change. It is now speculated that Vivek Tankha, Congress’ chief strategist, could potentially challenge the BJP directly on a crucial seat.

As the elections draw closer, direct and fierce attacks on BJP are on the rise, with Chief Ministerial candidates and even Chief Secretaries facing relentless scrutiny and criticism. Answering these allegations is proving to be a tough task for the BJP. On the other hand, there is also speculation that Congress, observing the shifting political equations after the release of BJP’s second candidate list, might field Vivek Tankha from a significant constituency. He could potentially pose a challenge to Pralhad Singh Patel in Narsinghpur.

Although no official announcement has been made by the Congress party or Vivek Tankha regarding this, the changed scenario after the release of BJP’s second list has raised eyebrows, and Congress is hopeful of putting up a strong fight in significant and unexpected constituencies.

Targeting BJP…

Vivek Tankha wasted no time in launching a direct attack on the BJP after the release of their second list. He stated that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report had highlighted BJP’s unfavorable position, which compelled the BJP to change their candidate list. Top BJP leaders are now being actively involved in the election campaign. Tankha remarked that BJP’s second list is perplexing and could lead to internal debates within the party.

He also commented on Kailash Vijayvargiya’s decision not to contest in the elections, stating that other BJP MPs might be facing a similar dilemma. He added that the BJP had sidelined its senior leaders by fielding them in the assembly elections, which, according to Tankha, is unjust.

Congress’ Youthful Approach

Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha appealed to his fellow Congress leaders to prioritize the youth in ticket distribution, saying that the Congress’ youth can defeat BJP’s older generation. He emphasized that Congress should envision a new Madhya Pradesh rather than clinging to old ways.

While the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes are on how Vivek Tankha, with his strategic prowess, will shape Congress’ campaign strategies and if he will step into the electoral fray against BJP on a significant battleground.

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