MP Election 2023: Relief for Electricity Bill Payments Until Elections

Election 2023: In view of the upcoming assembly elections in November, the state government has announced the suspension of pending electricity bills for consumers with a 1-kilowatt connection. Bills issued in September will be for the current month only, providing much-needed relief to consumers.

As the festival season begins, consumers who were facing disconnection due to unpaid bills will also get respite from the impending power cut. Consumers are now exempt from paying the outstanding amount for at least three months.

However, it’s important to note that this suspension of bills is not an amnesty or waiver of outstanding dues. It’s merely a temporary relief measure until further government orders are issued. Consumers are encouraged to clear their pending bills once the government’s directive is received.

The Energy Department has directed electricity companies to send messages to consumers, specifying that the bill amount should be paid based on the August month’s reading. However, the message also includes a demo bill that shows the outstanding amount. This exemption applies only to domestic consumers with a 1-kilowatt connection, and commercial or industrial consumers are required to clear their dues in full.

Consumers who wish to clear their dues can do so through online payments. The decision to provide relief to certain electricity consumers reflects the government’s efforts to support citizens during the ongoing festival season and the upcoming elections. However, it’s essential for consumers to remain vigilant and clear their outstanding bills once the government’s order is updated.

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