MP: The girl was shot by BJP leader’s revolver, after the incident BJP leader escaped with CCTV footage

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), a young woman was shot under suspicious circumstances by a BJP leader’s revolver. The girl has been admitted to a private hospital in critical condition. Where she is fighting the battle of life and death. The name of the injured girl is Devika Thakur, who is said to be a friend of the BJP leader. The incident is of BJP leader’s office.

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BJP leader absconded with CCTV footage after the incident

After the incident, BJP leader Priyansh Vishwakarma absconded with the CCTV footage and revolver of the office. The aunt of the injured girl told that Devika Thakur was a friend of Priyansh Vishwakarma. I got a call at two o’clock that Devika’s health was very bad. When I reached there, I was told that Devika had been shot, which was fired by Devika herself. After this I informed the family members and admitted the niece to the hospital.

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Devika is pursuing MBA. On the other hand, Priyansh Vishwakarma is a BJP leader, who lives in Sanjeevani Nagar police station area of ​​Jabalpur. At present the police is investigating the matter. CSP Pratishtha Rathore said that there was a report of firing in Priyansh Vishwakarma’s office. Due to which a girl is injured. He has been admitted to the hospital. The condition of the girl is critical, due to which statements could not be made. What has happened in actual will be known only after investigation. The search is on for Priyansh Vishwakarma.

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Priyansh Vishwakarma was close to late Monu Patel

It is being told that Priyansh Vishwakarma was close to Monu Singh, the late son of BJP leader Jalam Singh Patel. It is said about Priyansh Vishwakarma that he does politics only for the leaders of Narsinghpur and works for them to raise the party’s flag banner.

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